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Best Pack Ltd has taken pride in providing the best possible processing and packaging solutions on an industrial range. This department is committed to supplying quality, packaging products and is broken down into two divisions; the carton division and foil Paper division.

The carton division provides carton boxes depending on a specific client’s specifications and needs. Our clients under this division include international companies like Debonairs Pizza, Parmalat, Heinrich and Zambeef. Locally, we have also serviced Trade Kings, Finta, Amanita and Ambuya Cooking Oil.

The foil paper division supplies an extensive range of high quality foil packaging for customers spread across different food industries like biscuits, chocolate, juice, chips and confectionery.

We Care

Best pack Ltd adheres to the current concerns over global warming and environmental friendliness. As such, in its operations, it has employed techniques that do not contribute to the further depletion of the ozone layer and ensures its factory equipment is ideal for human life and the atmosphere.

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